We at FlexiFly have an ethos of flexible and easy travel to suit the needs of our customers. Sadly, the spread of corona virus (Covid-19) has made this task trickier, as we strive to adhere strictly to government measures to prevent further spread. However, this time offers us a unique opportunity to fly customers home where they are stranded abroad, where government measures allow us to do so. Therefore, we will remain in operation, prioritising customers whose travel is essential and who understandably need to get home. 

The hygiene of our planes is always impeccable, and each plane is fogged after every trip. This means we spray a high-grade disinfectant on every surface of the cabin after every flight. We can also assure our customers that our pilots are taking the proper precautions issued by the government, which every individual has a duty to do.

The nature of private air travel is social-distancing, and we want to use this as a way of keeping travel as flexible as possible during a time of needed restriction.

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