Make a Booking

FlexiFly Aircraft Hire Ltd has a contract with Props Away Ltd to manage all bookings for hiring the aircraft, co-ordinate the maintenance and support customers in accordance with the terms of the Hire Agreement. This contract is as follows:

Aircraft Co-Ordination Agreement

Bob Matthews of Props Away Ltd is available for all enquiries and bookings. You can contact Bob directly on 07557 533236 or at

Hire Agreement

Responsibilities are split as follows:

  1. FlexiFly Aircraft Hire:
    1. Provision of the aircraft in an airworthy condition
    2. Aircraft maintenance
    3. Insurance
  2. The Customer (end-user):
    1. Purchase of fuel
    2. Provision of pilots
    3. Indemnify against any loss or damage to the aircraft
    4. All landing charges and any other costs with the flights
    5. Full payment of the hire charges in advance

A specimen hire agreement is as follows:

Hire Agreement

This must be signed by both parties before the commencement of each hire period.