A new generation of access

Flexifly Private Aircraft Hire

Access to a private plane 24/7

Fancy a last-minute trip skiing for the weekend?

Have an urgent meeting which requires air travel in the UK or throughout Europe?

Whether it’s for work or pleasure, planned or same-day, we provide you with a Pilatus PC-12 for your own exclusive use.


Your time is precious. We make sure you save it.

On average, our private aircraft hire saves you up to 2 hours on each trip.

Less time queueing and waiting in large, over-crowded airports and more time spent on the things that matter.

So, while everyone else is taking off their shoes at security and passing the time at duty-free, you could be getting more face time with clients, or on your way home to loved ones.

Access more airports throughout the UK and Europe

Yes, these really are airports and airfields you can fly from – and that’s just in and around London.

We’ve mapped out all the possibilities throughout Europe on our website. You won’t believe the network of airports you can access but once you’ve used our software, you’ll soon discover the difference with FlexiFly is access, choice and flexibility.

Plan a flight


The world’s most versatile and valued business aircraft.

Small enough to access hundreds of additional airports throughout the UK and Europe. Large enough to provide complete comfort on your trip.

Our Pilatus PC-12 has a pressurised cabin which can fly high above the clouds at 30,000ft and can land closer to your final destination.

Our aircraft have built a reputation globally as the most versatile and valued business aircraft in the world.

The aircraft


It’s not cheap but it’s cheaper than you think

You’re able to work out your most time-efficient journey. We can quickly provide transparent pricing on hiring our private aircraft.

We’re so confident that once you’ve experienced Flexifly once, you’ll never consider another option again.

Ready to experience a new generation of private aircraft hire?

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