Most private jet charter companies don’t display their pricing on their website until you talk to a salesperson. We are open about our pricing and want to give you the best idea of what you could be paying before you get in touch with us. Below are some estimates based on our standard rate.

Return Flight Same Day

If you have a business meeting or important event you only need the day for, a same day return flight is great value because you don’t need to factor in the ‘dead leg’ cost i.e. the cost of the pilot returning home in between trips. Here is an example breakdown for a same day trip:

Fairoaks (London) to Aldergrove (Belfast, NI)

  • 1hr 30 mins flying time each way plus VAT
  • Total: £5,100

Short Trip

If you’re planning a short, 2 day trip, let us take you. We will always try to provide you with the best value you can get. Generally, we are able to accommodate the plane staying at your arrival airport for the short period of time which again means you save on the ‘dead leg’ cost of flying the plane back. Here is an example breakdown for a return 2 day trip:

Fairoaks (London) to Amsterdam (NL)

  • Fairoaks to Amsterdam – 1hr 5 mins plus VAT
  • Amsterdam to Fairoaks – 1hr 5 mins no VAT (VAT only charged on flights departing from the UK)
  • Total: £3,680

Note that if the plane had to make a return trip in between flights then this cost would be doubled. However, you would be made aware of this before finalising a booking.

Longer Trip

If you’re looking to book a longer trip, no problem. You will be factoring in the ‘dead leg’ flights the pilot has to take to drop you off and pick you up.

Fairoaks (London) to Amsterdam (NL)

  • Fairoaks to Amsterdam – 1hr 5 mins plus VAT
  • Amsterdam to Fairoaks – 1hr 5 mins no VAT
  • Dead leg flights
  • Total: £7,360

Any dead leg flight can also be booked! However, the options are more limited so we don’t tend to advertise this.

*Please note that quote prices will vary due to factors such as distance, landing fees, cost of fuel etc. at time of quote. These quote prices are from January 2024. We cannot guarantee that you will receive the exact same quote for the same flight.

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