Are you part of a small corporate team that requires regular travel? Are you a business person looking to make your travel more efficient and comfortable?

Elevate your business travel

Using a small business jet hired directly from us could be more cost effective than you think. Prices start from roughly £5,000 plus VAT where applicable for a same day return flight with a total flight time of 3 hours, accommodating up to 9 passengers.

We can cater to your specific needs and are happy to discuss packages that give you a set number of hours on our aircraft so your private plane is always at the ready to take you where you need to be.

PC-12 interior

Pure Convenience for Working in the City

We are based out of Fairoaks Airport in Woking which is just 30 minutes from London so if you work in the City, we are located conveniently for you.

However, we can fly from wherever your preference is – airports such as Denham or Biggin Hill are also close to London and many business people choose to fly from here.

Do not worry if you’re further afield, we can fly from anywhere in the UK!

PC-12 aircraft on the runway

Why Flexifly?

By hiring the entire aircraft to you, and allowing you to hire your own pilot, the total cost of your trip is significantly reduced. Due to this, we are cheaper than traditional jet charter companies.

However, we will help you to take care of organising a pilot, fuel and other operational costs so there’s no extra work for you. You will hire a Pilot from our small pool of insured and recommended pilots who will liaise with you directly on the details of your flights such as airport take off and landing locations, timings and plane seating configurations. They will also handle the airport fees on your behalf.

What’s more, flying from smaller airports which often do not allow bigger jets gives you extra airport options, and has the added bonus of landing fees being reduced.

Say goodbye to flight delays, early or late starts and too much time spent queuing and travelling to the airport. Utilise your time efficiently and effectively.

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A Pilatus PC-12 aircraft on a runway at dusk

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