We’re revolutionising the private aircraft hire industry

In the US, private aircraft hire is more commonplace. When we set out, we wanted to make private aircraft hire for individuals and businesses throughout the UK.

By hiring the entire aircraft to you for your own exclusive use, and allowing you to hire your own pilot, the total cost of your trip is significantly reduced.

It’s changing the face of booking private aircraft and making private air travel more cost-effective and accessible.

Passengers and pilot outside an aircraft
Pilatus PC-12 aircraft on the runway

How it works

Flexifly provides you with a Pilatus PC-12 for your own exclusive use on a “dry hire” basis. We’ll handle the insurance and aircraft maintenance for you as well.

You will then become the operator. However, this can be handled by an independent agency such as Props Away Ltd (click here to see our contract with them) who can arrange a pilot, purchase fuel, pay airport fees, etc. on your behalf.

We’re so confident that once you’ve experienced Flexifly once, you’ll never consider another option again.

Hire Agreement

Responsibilities are split as follows:

FlexiFly Aircraft Hire:

  • Provision of the aircraft in an airworthy condition
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Insurance

The Customer (end-user):

  • Purchase of fuel
  • Provision of pilots
  • Indemnify against any loss or damage to the aircraft
  • All landing charges and any other costs with the flights
  • Full payment of the hire charges in advance
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Ready to experience a new generation of private aircraft hire?

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