Can I afford to plan a spring break with friends and make it truly memorable by hiring a private plane?

05 December 2019

There is nothing better after a long cold winter than seeing the first signs that tell you spring is on the way. And how much better will it feel knowing you have a spring break planned with friends. Well, even better than that would be knowing your spring break with friends involves the truly memorable experience of travelling to and from your destination on a private plane! And yes, it is now much more affordable than it used to be.

Spring break

How can I make hiring a private plane more affordable?

Not so long ago the cost of hiring a private plane would probably have been prohibitive for most of us; but now, since the recent legalisation and regulation of the single engine turboprop plane, private plane travel is an option for everyone. Although the cost of the plane hire may be a bit more expensive than a commercial flight, there are plenty of other cost savings involved. You can choose the closest airfield to you which will mean less expense getting there as a taxi or even a lift from friends or family will cut this cost, and of course, there won’t be Heathrow style parking charges. You won’t be charged for baggage, or choosing your seats, and you won’t be charged for overpriced food as you and your friends can bring whatever you like with you on the flight!

How can I avoid check-in and security queues at airports when I go on holiday?

Sadly, at all major airports there is no getting away from check-in and security queues, and boy do they have long queues! For everything! But there is a way to avoid this – avoid the major airports altogether. When you hire a private plane, you chose where you fly from, so in choosing a small local airfield close to home, not only do you have an easy short commute, you also avoid all queues. Private planes allow you to set your own schedule, and smaller airfields usually have no departure schedule, so there is no waiting for other planes. This dramatically reduces the time between you arriving and taking off and also eliminates the worry of delays or cancellations.

What is the alternative to low-cost commercial air travel, and how affordable is it?

Your affordable option when it comes to alternative low-cost air travel is hiring a private plane. Yes, it may cost a bit more, but it is still affordable. The perception is that it’s out of reach for anyone but rock stars and footballers, but this is no longer the case. If you fill each seat on the plane and take into account the savings made on travel to and from commercial airports, not to mention parking charges, you will find the difference per person is a lot less than you thought it would be.

Does hiring a single engine turboprop plane make it more affordable?

Hiring a luxury private jet may still be beyond the means of some of us, but now that we have the option of a single engine turboprop plane, hiring a plane for your spring break away with friends, or any holiday for that matter, is well within the realms of possibility. It’s really not that much more than a commercial flight and well worth the benefits.

Does hiring a private plane provide more flexibility in terms of the airports I can use for take-off and landing?

The flexibility in terms of the airports you can use when you hire a private plane is one of the major benefits. The private planes are much smaller than commercial planes so they can take off and land at much smaller private airfields. This means the choice is wide open. You can opt for the closest airfield to your home for take-off and the closest airfield to your chosen holiday resort or destination for landing. It couldn’t be simpler or more convenient; it’s completely stress free and will definitely make your trip away with friends truly memorable!

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