Could flying to your honeymoon in a private plane be the icing on the cake?

25 February 2020

Every bride should feel like a queen on her wedding day. Months, sometimes years, have gone into the planning of this special day, so why not put the cherry on top of that icing and fly off in style to your honeymoon in a private plane! Honeymoons are the stuff of dreams; once in lifetime holidays with the sky as the limit when it comes to making it perfect.  

Plane wedding cake topper

How can I make my wedding day even more memorable?

It’s often the unexpected touches that really make a wedding day memorable. From signature cocktails to phone charging stations, to umbrellas and flip flops for your guest’s tired feet, there are plenty of ways to wow your friends. But one sure-fire way to wow your new wife is to whisk her away on your honeymoon in a private plane! No stress, no queues, pick your take-off and landing airfields, and make your bride feel like the star of the show that she is!  

Does hiring a single engine turbo prop plane limit the destinations for my honeymoon?

It’s true that the distance that can be travelled in a single engine turbo prop plane is not as far as most commercial planes, but just as you might need a stopover or refuel when going long haul, this can also be done with a smaller private plane. You don’t have to be limited to certain destinations and being able to choose where your take-off and land gives you endless destination options. Smaller, local airfields are easier and quicker to pass through making your journey hassle free, and the privacy of the plane gives you the freedom to be yourself and start the holiday vibe as soon you board.

Why not spend just a little more on your wedding and hire a private plane to take you away at the end of your big day?

Weddings are generally not cheap. You will already have splashed out on the best you could afford from the venue to the flowers, to the champagne, and that’s before we even mention the dress! Yes, you may have stretched yourself, so why not see if you can stretch just a little further and make your honeymoon a fantasy dream come true. Wouldn’t hopping onto a private plane at the end of your big day add to all the excitement and really send you off with a bang? Well, it doesn’t have to be just a fantasy; it’s within reach. Private travel is no longer only for the rich and famous; we can all indulge occasionally without spending a fortune.

Is hiring a private plane for our honeymoon just a romantic dream?

Hiring a private plane is not just a romantic dream; it’s more reachable than ever now. Years ago, it was the privilege of the pop stars and royalty of this world, but now we can all enjoy private travel for just slightly more than the cost of a commercial flight. It is now within reach for everyone, and when you weigh up the multitude of benefits against the cost, it’s a no-brainer! Put the icing on the cake of your special day; make the ultimate romantic gesture by taking the stress out of travelling to your honeymoon with a private flight that will ensure you both feel megastars!

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