Do you need to be rich to hire a private aircraft?

26 March 2018

Do ordinary people need to be rich to hire a private aircraft or is that a total misconception?
For the vast majority of ordinary people the idea of renting a private plane does not even enter their heads. Normally they would assume that such an extravagance would only be relevant for the super-rich. But is this really the case?

The costs of renting a private plane obviously depend on a number of factors including the availability of the plane, the landing fees at a particular airport and obviously the time between flights. But you might be surprised to learn that a private flight could cost you a lot less than you would expect.
For most people, renting a private aircraft makes economic sense where the plane is full, thereby reducing the per head cost, and they can derive the other benefits of time saving and efficiency.
If we put a cost on our time and can eliminate the huge time spent waiting and going through security for a commercial flight, then the costs of renting a private plane start to become quite affordable!
And once you have made the decision to rent a private plane, what then? What type of plane do you rent?
Obviously the size of the plane will be dictated by the number of people who wish to fly but perhaps more importantly (certainly in terms of cost) is what type of plane to rent and the distance to the destination airport.
Certainly propeller aircraft are the most economical choice for short to mid-range trips. They can operate in and out of a greater number of small and regional airports which might perhaps have shorter runways, which gives you the customer much greater flexibility, but at the same time they can have non-stop flight ranges of approximately 1,500 miles.
So it would appear that renting a private plane is now an option for just about everyone! Get some friends together and find out what it could cost here!

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