Excited by the Autumn Internationals – How about hiring a plane for the 6 nations?

11 December 2018

Did the Autumn rugby internationals whet your appetite?

Did you watch on TV or did you manage to get tickets?

There is a magic in live sport that can’t be captured on TV. And if you have ever visited any of the holy grounds of your favourite sport then you will know that the magic is elevated. Visiting Wembley, Lords, Augusta these are cinematic experiences.

Even more so when considering the tribal aspects of international sport.

In Rugby terms, we’re talking Twickenham, Eden Park, Newlands, etc…

Truly spectacles to behold. But visiting these places may only be a dream for some. Or at least a rare opportunity for most. For most the answer is found in turning to the TV to cheer on your nation. But you are missing out on that magic.

Soon, there will be the magnificent and compelling European championships, The Six Nations.

This bastion of international competition has one unique feature over other international competitions. The proximity of all the international stadiums. Unusual.

Only 6 stadiums are used, every year. How convenient!

So close in fact, that with a little planning you could support your country at every game. 

With Italy the furthest possible destination. Oh no! Authentic pizza and Chianti for lunch?! How will I cope…

Rugby six nations

Now, sorry for any fans of Les Bleus, Shamrocks, Azzurri, Dragons or Thistles. The below schedule is aimed at those rosier white wearing chaps. But the idea remains the same for you all.

Feb 2nd, you’re in Dublin. Millennium trophy time. We’ve sank a couple Guinness and it’s off to The Aviva stadium. 

Feb 10th, home turf. Twickenham. The biggest AND BEST rugby stadium in the world. Cough, no bias here, cough. This is where we despatch the French in Le Crunch. Wander down to the Cabbage Patch for a post-game curry.

Feb 23rd, Wales. The principality. Big rivalry, usually contenders. Tough game.

March 9th. Back at home for the Italians. Shouldn’t be too much trouble. They have improved in recent years. No time for complacency, we want the grand slam.

March 16th. The Calcutta Cup. Gruff rivalry, but with any luck we’ll have it sewn up by now. Just the grand slam to nail!

You have confidence in the team but do you have confidence in your travel arrangements? Enjoying Dublin but must leave to catch your flight home? What a shame. 

Or driving between Murrayfield and the Stade de France. Ouch, that’s quite the road trip. Can’t wait for that motorway traffic to take the sting out of any fun had.

Have you thought about renting a plane?

Air travel is the most direct way of getting somewhere. Save yourself hours and hours of painful traffic, of sitting on trains or waiting in big commercial airport terminals.

Get yourself down to a small local airfield, jump in your private rented plane with your group of friends and off you go. Add to the emotion of the occasion.

No security, no motorways, no ferry, no long trains, just take to the skies.

Use your travel time to get a great view of England’s mountains green, pleasant pastures and clouded hills. Bask in the brilliance of our green and pleasant land, on route to crush the enemy!

Why not maul it over?

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