Hen do's and dont's!

05 March 2019

So you’re organising a ‘hen do’ for your best friend? Why not hire a private jet and do the hang-over with style!  Travel in luxury surrounded by your besties sipping champagne. A timetable to suit and even better land close to your chosen destination. Cut down on the whole airport experience. Cut out the hidden costs when flying with the big guns ie charges for baggage, food and drink on board and possibly car parking fees…….. the list goes on. And you don’t have to turn up 3 hours before!

Is hiring a private aircraft affordable?

Private jet hire/travel has become more affordable than you might imagine. Have you ever considered you may be able to hire a private aircraft? Carrying up to 8 people this can make private aircraft hire a cost effective and exclusive way to travel. Although you can still pick up cheap flights with commercial airlines, private air travel has become increasingly affordable and more convenient and something you may consider to mark a special occasion perhaps?!!

Push the boundaries for a hen do or special occasion

For example – why not push the boundaries for a hen or stag do?? Don’t waste valuable ‘partying’ time at the airport! Give the Bride to be a hen do she will never forget.

 Benefits of hiring a private aircraft

The benefits of hiring your own private aircraft for such a celebration are numerous………! You wont be hanging around an airport hours before your flight, you can arrive thirty minutes before at an airport of your choice whilst also choosing your departure time – what could be better? You won’t have all those queues and although there are security checks it is a much quicker process and to make the experience extra special you will be met by your pilot/captain. There’s always a straggler but no need to worry your aircraft will wait for you.

Choose an airport to go from

As a smaller aircraft it has the ability to leave from a smaller airfield so you have a bigger choice of airports and the same applies when you reach your destination. Arrive closer to your hotel or apartment giving you more time to enjoy the occasion. Once on your private aircraft the party can begin, you don’t have to worry about upsetting other passengers as you have just your besties flying with you. You, the bride to be and 6 more of your closest buddies. Upon touch down there will be no having to make your way to baggage, hoping that yours is not the one that is last to come round on the belt or worse not turn up at all – your belongings will stay with you on your private flight.

Flying private is just that…………PRIVATE!

The only people on board are your friends or family oh and the pilot of course which can be provided by the company you hire your plane from or directly hired by yourself.

twin-engine piston aircraft

Tailored to suit your needs – Private aircraft hire

In brief, going to an airport is time consuming and for a special occasion you want to enjoy every minute right from the word GO!!

When you arrive at your destination you will be fresh, relaxed and ready to play! A real bonus for such a special occasion is that you may want to visit more than one place – what a treat to be able to jump back on your aircraft and set to the skies again. Or you may be having such a great time you want to stay longer so why not change your flight time.

Private air travel will offer you that flexibility!

Tailored to suit you and your parties needs and requirements.

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