How about treating your family by taking them to a European Christmas market on a private plane?

07 October 2019

We may be unsure of our relationship with Europe at the moment, but how can we resist the splendour of their Christmas markets. Yes, that’s right, summer is over and it’s time to talk about Christmas again! Christmas in England is usually a cold, grey affair, with last minute sale shopping and disgusting home brewed mulled wine. Europe, however, is the antithesis. Picture snow covered streets, filled with stalls carrying homemade goods, the sweet smell of roasted walnuts, and carol singers. (In Europe, they’re actually in tune.) Now, rather than just imagining this site, you too can experience it. And why not treat yourself to a trip to remember and go by private jet? 

Dresden Christmas market

That’s far too expensive, I hear you cry. But that’s not necessarily true. 

Flying private is definitely an extravagance, and will be more expensive than flying commercial, but it is not as much as you may think. With the recent legalisation of the Single Engine Prop Plane, hiring a private plane is not only cheaper but also a lot more convenient. The smaller wingspan means you can fly from a much smaller airfield, perhaps one local to you, which cuts down your overall travel time. The extra costs will be for comfort, for luxury, for accessibility, and most of all, you’re paying to remove all stress from your journey. We all know how tough it is to fly with a family – just think Home Alone. 

By this stage, I imagine that you are nearly convinced. But let me provide one more huge advantage to flying private – no queues!!! 

At a commercial airport, there is nothing to do except queue. Queue at the check in, queue at security, queue at the gate, queue on the plane, queue at immigration, queue in WH Smiths…. You get the picture. However, at a private airfield, the word “queue” is not even part of their vocabulary. You arrive at the airfield, and after a few checks, you’re on the plane and ready to go.  There is no waiting for other planes, and the pilot follows your schedule. Similarly, at your destination, you can act like a celebrity, leaving the plane and hoping into your awaiting car. Just hope the paparazzi don’t turn up! 

As an important side-note too, private planes don’t have a prescribed baggage allowance, so you can buy as much as you like in the market without worrying about your suitcase. You can buy presents for everyone you know, and of course, most importantly, yourself! 

Christmas is a time for giving, and what better present can you give to your family than a festive trip to Europe. So, forget about summer, pick a city, and get booking! 

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