How can I make an important business trip more effective and stress free?

03 April 2020

In times of global economic uncertainty, you need to make business trips count as much as possible. However, with commercial airlines, you can never prevent things from going wrong. Flights being delayed or even cancelled is very normal, and is only becoming more and more frequent. In the past, flying commercial airlines was  the only option. However, that is no longer the case. With the recent legalisation of the Single Engine Prop Plane, private planes are now cheaper than they’ve ever been, and are definitely cheaper than you may think. They’re also far more convenient and make sure that you arrive on time, unstressed and ready to go. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should think about hiring a private plane for your business trips: 

Arrive fresh 

Flying commercial is tiring! The long commute to the airport, followed by endless hours of queuing, then waiting, and finally sitting down in cramped seats for a few hours. By the time you end up at your destination, you’re thoroughly irritable and burnt out. This isn’t ideal for an important business meeting. When you fly private, there is none of the above. No waiting at the airport, no cramped seats and no waiting. This way, you’ll be more than ready for your meeting. 

Its Stress Free

As I mentioned above, the airport experience is terrible. However, when you hire a private plane, you can fly from a small airfield near you. In fact, you can literally drive up to the plane, hop on and you’re ready to go. The same goes for when you land. You’ll be at your meeting or hotel in no time. 


Arrive on time. 

At large airports, there are hundreds of flights coming and going each day, and one error can cause everything to be delayed. When that happens, we’re often sitting helplessly on the tarmac with nowhere to go. Private planes, however, fly from smaller airports without all of the traffic. In fact, most of the time, you can decide exactly when you want to fly, and won’t have to wait for anyone else. 

Have a meeting on the plane. 

When you’re on the plane with your partners, what better time than to plan for your upcoming meeting. This isn’t always possible on commercial airlines, and your business partners are likely to be seated ten rows back. Even if you are seated together, do you really want to entrust the company secrets to your seat neighbour? Also, on a private plane you’re less likely to be interrupted by a cabin announcement, or a stewardess attempting to sell you discounted perfume. 

Avoid current illnesses. 

We are all very conscious at the moment about our health, and private planes are an easy way to mitigate against illnesses. The planes are cleaner and the air is fresher. Moreover, you come into contact with less people, and are only speaking to people that you actually know. The lack of an airport terminal is similarly effective. 

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