How can you make the cricket even more exciting?

02 July 2019

As any self-respecting Brit knows, we are in the midst of the Cricket World Cup and despite the recent inclement weather we have seen some fantastic matches so far. What is even more exciting though is that England, for the first time in a long time, if not ever, are in the running to lift the trophy!

On July 14ththe final will take place at the Home of cricket, Lords, and you could be there to cheer on our lads (fingers crossed!). Imagine the scene: the serene, sloping, grass of Lords as our boys in their pale blue kit endeavour to bring home the trophy – in between rain breaks of course!

Getting tickets will certainly be tricky, though perhaps you already have some, and perhaps your wife has “accidently” booked a last minute holiday to Spain in that very week. Do not fear! Book her a spa day and Jet back for the day. She won’t even know you’ve gone. 

However, it might be too late to secure yourself a seat, so perhaps it would be sensible to think ahead to the Ashes which follows. The series plays at several venues up and down the country during August and September. If so, save yourself the long and painful drive up to Old Trafford, and fly there instead. You’ll be spending the whole day cramped in your seat, so why not relax and stretch out while you can. 

Cricket stumps and bails hit by a ball

Why not make it a trip to remember for you and your group?

It isn’t every day that you find yourself at the final of the World Cup or watching England play Australia for the Ashes, so why not make it extra special by hiring a private plane to get you and your party to and from the game. 

I can’t afford that I hear you cry!

In the past, it is true, planning such a trip would have been far too expensive, but nowadays it is much more affordable than you might think and is definitely a lot more convenient than commercial flights or even public transport. 

We’ve all had that daydream while standing in a security line – being driven to your plane, boarding and taking off immediately! Well, it’s not a dream any longer. Just imagine the faces of the friends and family who are with you. You’ll have bragging rights for years!

But will there still be that awful, long journey from the airport?

Not necessarily. With a private aircraft you can chose where you want to land. And if the aircraft happens to be a Single-Engine-Prop-Plane, which is much smaller, you can pick and choose from a larger number of smaller airfields. 

So stop dreaming and start booking. Private planes are cheaper than ever, and the convenience is life changing. Whether it’s for your family, your colleagues, your friends, or even just yourself, you can sit back, fasten your seatbelt, relax and enjoy the flight. And most importantly – Come on England!! 

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