How to avoid the family holiday from hell? Perhaps by booking your own private plane?

09 July 2019

Flying with children can be a nightmare. The stress of a family holiday begins long before the plane takes off. The chaos of last minute packing, making sure every last toy and book is packed up on the off chance that it might be required. Then comes the quick dash to the airport – you need to be early, just in case. Then the check in, the security, the departure lounge and then finally you’re on the plane. Phew!! But your journey has barely begun. Imagine all this, but combined with their screaming fits, the misplaced passport and most importantly the untimely loo stops. Most people won’t have to imagine this. They will have been through it many times, and will know that all these things can make you wish you were anywhere but travelling. In these moments you would do literally anything for a bit of peace and quiet, or a break. Now, however, there is an accessible alternative. The Private Plane.  

Kids travel and fly. Child at airplane in airport

Now I would to anything to make it stop, but I can’t afford a private plane?

A few years ago, this statement may have been correct, though in 2017 the EASA (The European Aviation Safety Agency) approved the use of single engine turbo prop planes. These aircraft are a lot smaller, and therefore can operate at a far lower cost. They can also operate from smaller, and perhaps local, airfields and therefore the commute to the airport is easier. So with these new planes, not only is private jet hire less expensive, it is also a lot more convenient than before.

Swap the endless queues of Heathrow terminal 5 for a more rural setting. There are absolutely no queues. In fact, you can practically drive up to the plane. Worried about the hours waiting in the terminal? Fear not, private planes wait for you. As soon as you’re on board, it’s time to take off. Once in the air, you’ll have the cabin all to yourselves, so no uncomfortable seating situations. You can even bring pets on board with you – assuming their pet-passports are in order! After a short and relaxing journey, walk straight off the plane and on to your holiday. No long customs queue there!

That sounds ideal, but is there a chance the plane will be delayed? 

As with anything, there is a possibility of a delay, though this chance is far lower than with a commercial airline. At a large airport, the departure schedule can be shifted by one plane, which will delay hundreds of others. At a small airfield, this is not a problem. Similarly, commercial planes are on a schedule. They wait for nobody. But with your own plane, being a few moments late is completely fine.

So stop dreaming of a more relaxed holiday when booking a private plane is easier and cheaper than ever. Your children will thank you for it, and believe me you’ll be thanking yourselves!

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