If I am travelling abroad to meet clients, how can my arrival create the biggest impression?

29 January 2020

So, you’d like to make an impression when you arrive to meet a potential or existing client. You’re travelling abroad, and it’s likely they will meet you or at least send someone to meet you at the airport. How about letting them know when and where to pick you up – not the main hub airport for commercial travel, but the small local airport closest to where they are based because you are arriving by private plane.

Make an impact

That’s a pretty cool impression to make and is sure to get them talking!

How can I arrive at a business meeting abroad fresh and ready to work?

There is nothing worse than arriving at a business meeting feeling flustered, stressed and tired. When meetings are abroad, and you’ve travelled commercially, there’s a good chance you will be feeling exactly that having left home in the early hours to hang about at the airport, jumping from one queue to the next before finally reaching your destination.

Hiring a private plane will mean you avoid all of the stresses of standard travel and cut hours off your overall journey time. You can take off from a local airfield at a time you choose, with no queues or crowds. You can fly with no distractions, able to prepare yourself in a calm space. You can land at the nearest airfield to your meeting, and you can arrive at your meeting feeling fresh and ready to work.

Can I use my private plane to host a meeting at my destination airport to save time?

If you have booked your private plane to take you and bring you back from a meeting in one day, it will be waiting for you on the runway. There is no reason why you couldn’t host the meeting on the plane. This will save you time and may well impress whoever you are meeting!

How can I avoid the hassle of commercial flights?

Flying privately cuts out all of the hassle of commercial flights. Business travel might not be as thrilling as jetting off on holiday, but it can certainly be much more fun if you can remove everything that makes flying a stressful, fraught time. Swapping the hassle of a busy airport and all the delays and queues that come with them, for the calm, relaxing experience of hiring a private plane will eliminate all that we hate about flying.

Is private air travel a cost-effective alternative for business travel?

So, you’re convinced on the advantages of private air travel for business, but does the cost mean you have to lump it and stick with commercial? No! It is definitely a cost-effective alternative. It may cost slightly more but nowhere near as much as it used to. Now that there are single engine turboprop planes available for private hire, it’s open to all. And you can be sure that any small extra cost is going to be outweighed by all the time saving and stress relieving benefits.

How to make an entrance when meeting a new or potential client?

First impressions count. Making an entrance when meeting a new or potential client can be what keeps you in mind when decisions are being made, so what better way to do that than by arriving in style. Being met off a private plane will make a memorable impression, and although the benefits to you are about far more than just impressions, it could be the difference you need when it comes to growing your business.

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