If you are a busy international executive, is not flying privately a false economy?

30 January 2020

If you are a busy international executive and haven’t yet considered flying privately, you should! False economy, or something that appears to offer a financial saving but in fact leads to more expenditure, is not going to be a worry, as the benefits will far outweigh any extra cost. And the extra cost will be nowhere near what you might think.

Paper airplanes made out of money

How can I hit the ground running when I am travelling on business?

Business travel can be a nightmare. It can also be exciting. When you reach your destination, you can often be facing a make or break deal. Hitting the ground running when you arrive can give you the edge you need. But what’s the best way to achieve this?

Arriving for your meeting feeling relaxed and ready to work, having had a stress free journey will help enormously. Hiring a private plane will do just that. You will have chosen where to take off and land, you will have avoided any queues, and you will have set your own time schedule. The ease of the journey will allow you to focus and be ready for anything when you arrive.

How can I choose my take-off time and airport to make it more convenient?

When you hire a private plane, you not only get to choose where you take off and land, you can choose your timings too. Smaller local airfields are convenient, cut down on travel time and parking hassle, and rarely have departure schedules, so there is no waiting around, delays, or cancellations. You can take off as soon as you’re ready. How convenient is that!

When travelling on business, how can I avoid the queues of a commercial airport?

Picture the scene – you arrive at the airport at far-too-early-o’clock hours before your departure time, there are screaming kids, frazzled parents, and crowds everywhere. The check-in queues are winding around corners, and the self-check-in machines are going haywire. Stress levels are rising, and your mind is on getting there, not what you need to do once you actually get there!

Let’s picture a different scene – you arrive at your chosen local airfield where there are no queues and no hordes, no lengthy security lines to join; just a private plane waiting to take off whenever you’re ready. No stress, no sweat; just peace, tranquillity, and a calm empty private plane ready for you to gather yourself and prepare for your meeting.

A bit of a no brainer really, who wouldn’t choose to avoid the queues and congestion of a commercial airport?

Does normal travel undervalue your time?

Time is money. Wasted time is often a loss of money. Normal commercial travel can mean an awful lot of wasted time. Yes, it might be possible to get your laptop out and crack on with some work once you’re on your flight, but how much time is wasted between leaving home and getting to your seat on the plane? Wouldn’t it be so much more valuable time-wise to have a short hop to your local airfield, avoid all the usual hold-ups, get straight on your private plane where you can relax and work if you need to?

While business travel is unavoidable, doing it the right way can save you a lot of valuable time and is a far more cost-effective option than some might think.

Do I have to work for a large company to justify flying privately?

Not at all. Plenty of small businesses and even self-employed people are starting to realise just how valuable and fruitful flying privately can be. Not only do you save time, you can make the most of your time on the flight with no distractions, and you arrive relaxed and raring to go. It’s a win-win for any business.

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