If you want a stress free family holiday the only way may be by pushing the boat out and hiring a private plane.

09 December 2019

Is it even possible to have a stress free family holiday? If you have kids and extended family, you might think not! I imagine there are plenty of you out there who have got home from a family holiday feeling like you need a holiday! Could pushing the boat out and hiring a private plane be the answer? I think it could be. The many advantages of hiring a private plane far out way the cost, so perhaps it’s time to look at the options available to you when you plan your next trip away.

Stress free zone

Am I restricted to where I can travel on holiday if I hire a private plane or does it provide greater flexibility?

Hiring a private plane certainly offers you greater flexibility in terms of airports as you can fly to and from much smaller local airports which can cut down travel time getting to your chosen airport. There are some restrictions in terms of flight length due to the range of the single engine planes, but there are plenty of fabulous destinations available for hot summer and winter ski holidays. The chances are if you are travelling with kids you won’t be wanting hours on a flight anyway, however, if you did want to go further afield, it might just mean a quick stop for refuelling.

How many people will I be able to fit in a private plane for my family holiday?

On average private planes seat up to 8 people, so there is plenty of room for your immediate and probably extended family too! Grandparents or friends can join you in comfort. You can even bring the family dog if you wanted to, as long as their pet passport is all in order!

Is there a restriction on the amount of luggage I can I take on a private plane?

This is one of the best bits when it comes to hiring a private plane for your holiday! There is no prescribed baggage allowance. The only restriction on the amount of luggage is the total weight of the plane once it is full, but there’s really no need to worry about this as you’d be hard pushed to exceed this. There is plenty of space and weight allowance for pushchairs, travel cots and any other kiddie paraphernalia, or multiple sets of heavy ski equipment, or even all of the shopping you might want to bring back with you!

Will I be able to take my young child on a private plane?

You can take anyone you like with you on a private plane. As long as everyone’s passports are all up to date, there are no restrictions whatsoever on who can travel with you. Just think what a difference it will make to your stress levels when you can avoid all of the nightmares that come with commercial air travel with a little one in tow.

How can I avoid the hassles of the airport when travelling with my young family?

Travelling with a young family can be a total horror story, what with queues everywhere you turn, and miserable fellow passengers tutting and rolling their eyes at your excited or fractious children! You can avoid it all if you hire a private plane. No queues for check-in, no queues for security; your plane waits for you and takes off as soon as you’re ready. You can even bring whatever food, snacks, and drinks your kids prefer.

If I am not rich and famous, is hiring a private plane beyond my reach?

It is true that it used to be only the rich and famous that could afford private travel, but this is no longer the case. While it may be slightly more expensive than commercial travel, it is much cheaper than it used to be, and it is definitely not beyond the reach of the rest of us now. And the extra cost is absolutely outweighed by the complete lack of stress!

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