Is it time to treat your family to a European trip whilst you still can?

12 April 2019

Is all the Brexit confusion and furore getting you down? You need something to take your mind off the whole thing – Well why not think about treating yourself and your family to a trip to Europe whilst you still can! Even better why not make it an even bigger treat by doing so by hiring a private aircraft to take you there!

It’s too expensive I hear you cry!

You could be forgiven for thinking that hiring a private aircraft is beyond the means of ordinary mortals and more the preserve of the rich and famous. Well I am here to tell you that in this regard you are wrong. Hiring a private aircraft is in fact far more affordable than people realise, particularly with the changes that have come into the market in recent years.

But it is also all about mindset!

Often when people are considering a large purchase or spend they just look at the actual cost, rather than considering all the other external factors that should also be taken into consideration. For example, if you put a price on your time then convenience also becomes a very important aspect in any decision.

security check sign hanging from airport terminal ceiling

Is hiring a private aircraft more convenient?

These days flying on a commercial aircraft is fraught with difficulty, stress and inconvenience. Firstly, even if you are only travelling to Europe you have to be at the airport hours in advance to check in and wind your way through the often vast queues in security. And those who are trying to do this with a family, particularly a young one, will know how much more stressful this can become.

If you hire a private aircraft it is you who decides when you take off. Imagine being able to literally drive your car onto the apron of the runway, board the plane and take off. No big queues at security, no waiting for check in – Just turn up and go! Sounds good doesn’t it! A totally stress free way of flying!

But is it very expensive to hire a private aircraft?

Believe it or not hiring a private plane is a lot more affordable than you think and certain recent legislation is making it more affordable all the time. Two years ago the European Aviation Safety Agency approved the use of the single engine turboprop aircraft in all European countries. 

Single engine turboprop aircraft are much smaller and more flexible than jets and as a result they can be used at much smaller, more local airfields. This means that more local airfields that are closer to where you live become accessible – so even less time wasted travelling to and from your take off point. And of course the same is true at the other end of your flight – you can land much closer to your final destination!

And the fuel costs can save you money too!

There are other options open to you when hiring a private plane that will make your trip even more cost effective. If you dry hire the aircraft, which means you are taking it without a pilot and fuel, you and your chosen pilot then have the choice of where you land and refuel which can save you a lot of money!

So your pre-Brexit trip is in the bag!

So as you can see hiring a private aircraft is within your remit and what a treat it would be for you and your family. Why don’t you check out your local private airfields soon!

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