Should I treat my family to hiring a private plane this summer?

14 February 2019

Christmas is over and we are almost in March so maybe it is time to start thinking about your summer holidays? And this year you are thinking about treating yourself and your family by hiring a private plane to take you off to your sunny destination.

But is that sensible given the current uncertainty?

Hiring a private plane is actually a lot more affordable than you might think, particularly if you are a very busy person who puts a price on their time. You can make it even more affordable by considering dry hiring the aircraft whereby you rent the plane without fuel or a pilot. In doing so you have total control over your flight allowing you and your nominated pilot to re-fuel at the cheapest airport rather than the closest.

Airport proximity makes it much more convenient!

When you make the decision not to use normal commercial flights and rent a private aircraft, you have a much greater choice of smaller airports that you can use. This means that often the airport will be a lot closer to your home and closer to your actual final destination so that your travel time to and from the airport is significantly reduced.

Has the single engine turbo prop plane increased our flying options?

 It was only in 2017 that the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved the use of single engine turbo prop planes for commercial use in all European countries. The use of these smaller, more agile planes has meant that hundreds of very small airfields that were previously underutilised are now very viable indeed and often they will be even conveniently located.

There is also a very significant cost benefit to using these smaller airfields because the landing fees for planes are usually substantially lower than, as indeed are the actual parking charges if you are staying there for a reasonable period of time!

Family holiday

Will private hiring an aircraft make travelling with the kids easier?

Taking a commercial flight these days involved a tremendous amount of hassle in terms of waiting time. You have to arrive at the airport at least a couple of hours before the flight, there may be long queues at the check in desk and then to crown it all there are the inevitable delays in airport security! Keeping children (particularly if they are young) occupied and happy during all this waiting is not easy task, as every parent knows!

When you hire a private plane these hassles are removed. You can virtually drive onto the runway, board your plane immediately and take off when it suits you, without being delayed! Happy children make happy parents!

So when you are thinking about booking your family holiday this summer, you should consider a private hire where you remain in control of what happens and when. Your children will thoroughly enjoy the experience and you can relax knowing that you are in good hands.  Private hiring of an aircraft is definitely much more convenient but it is not just for the very wealthy and can be more affordable than you think.

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