Should you be thinking about dry hiring a private aircraft?

18 May 2018

Is there anything worse than the dreaded 3am slog through an airport? It’s a mission that must be accomplished before you’re able to even embark upon your journey, which in itself can be a tiresome and unpredictable experience. And that’s not to mention the seemingly endless carousel of bags you have to wait in front of before you can leave the airport at the other end. This drawn-out experience can leave you feeling fatigued, annoyed and out of pocket, and leaves you with a less than ideal start to your trip.


Its more affordable than you think…

You may think private air travel is reserved for rich jet setters who can afford to fly in luxury, but hiring a private plane can actually make good economic sense. How many hidden costs do you come across when flying commercially? If it’s not excess baggage, it’ll be the extortionate rates for food and drink once you’re through security, the airport parking charges or the expensive travelling needed from the airport to your final destination. By filling a privately hired aircraft and reducing the per head cost as well as avoiding the extras you pay flying commercially, you could get to where you’re going quicker, more comfortably and with less hassle.

Dry hiring a private aircraft can be a further cost cutting benefit. As opposed to a ‘wet’ hire, wherein the owner of the aircraft is in control of the costs associated with running the plane, a dry rental rate does not include the cost of fuel or crew, allowing you to have control over the way in which the flight is conducted. You are essentially able to determine every aspect of your air travel in advance making dry hiring an incredibly flexible means of flying. If plans unexpectedly change, there’s no worrying about missed flights.

How do you go about it?

There are companies out there who are dedicated to offering a viable alternative to commercial air travel with a convenient, flexible and cost-effective option in dry hiring. You may be wondering who is going to be flying the plane, where to find a crew, and how to get your hands on jet fuel, yet helpfully these companies have partners who can assist you in sourcing world-class pilots who can make all the arrangements necessary for the flight. Yet again showing dry hiring to be a hassle-free and unique alternative, making your journey just that bit more special.

In conclusion…

So next time you’re flying, whether it’s for business or pleasure, consider how it would feel to be able to skip the queues and drive straight onto the tarmac, with no stressing about lost baggage, delays or hidden costs. 

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