So, you're a big Rugby World Cup fan but how can you make The Six Nations competition even more memorable?

24 February 2020

It’s a long time since us English fans celebrated winning the rugby world cup, but last year’s championship had us on the edge of our seats when we made it to the final. The 2019 rugby world cup broke all sorts of records, with more people than ever attending and watching. The six nations are fast approaching, so have you thought about how you will watch? If you haven’t already, why not look into the options for actually being there!

Six nations rugby

Do I have to be rich and famous to hire a private plane to take me and my friends to watch six nations rugby matches?

There is absolutely no prerequisite for being rich or famous for hiring a private plane for any trip! In fact, heading off to one of the six nations matches with your friends would be just about the best reason to do it! While it may cost slightly more than commercial air travel, the benefits far outweigh the small extra cost.

Can hiring a single engine turbo prop plane allow me to land at an airfield closer to the rugby stadium?

This is one of the major benefits of hiring a private plane. You can choose where you take off from and where you land the other end. There is no need for busy airports with their extortionate parking charges; instead, you can choose the easiest, most accessible airfield to your home and likewise, the closest, most convenient airfield to your final stadium destination. What could be better than that?

When travelling away to watch a six nations rugby game, how can I take all the stress out of getting there?

If you’re a Londoner, getting to games at Twickers is a doddle, but if you’re further away or want to get to other matches played at the other nation’s stadiums, you’re going to want to make sure getting there is not a headache. Take the stress out of it by hiring a private plane. Not only do you get to choose where you take off and land, you get to choose when too. There will be no queuing for check-in, no queuing for security checks; your plane will take off as soon as you’re ready, and you can even take whatever food and drinks you want to get the rugby party started!

Can dry hiring a private plane make it even more affordable to travel to Europe?

Dry hiring a private plane means you hire the plane (including any maintenance needs and insurance) and you, along with full support, are responsible for hiring the pilot, and sorting fuel costs and airfield charges. This makes it the most affordable private flight option available. And depending on the cost of travelling to and from and parking at a commercial hub airport, you may even find it if not cheaper, then equivalent to commercial air travel.

In the six nations rugby championship, England are playing in Paris, Edinburgh and Rome – how can I get there in style?

So, the six nations are not too geographically dispersed; they are all pretty easy destinations to get to. But, wouldn’t it be brilliant to arrive in style? Think no queues, no running miles of corridors for boarding, no crowds, no waiting for a taxi, in fact, no stress at all. Hire a private plane, take off close to home, chill with your friends, land close to the stadium, and arrive match ready, with your only worry being finding the bar before kick-off!

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